2013 CES Conference Recap

What digital marketing/web design company wouldn’t love to spend the week checking out some of the top technological advances being showcased to the world? Well, some our team set out to sunny Las Vegas last week to be a part of the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Our crew was amongst some of the top innovating companies in the world this past week, like Sony, Ford, and Microsoft just to name a few. These companies presented what the future brings for consumer electronics for all of us. Although we saw a lot of very cool new gadgets and products there, here are a couple that topped our charts:

Lowes Iris: This new app caught our eye at the trade show.  Imagine if you could have complete control of the security, temperature, locks, and lighting in your house, all from your smartphone or tablet. This cloud-based home management system gives you comfort and freedom of being able to monitor all those things while being away from your home.

Lowes new cloud-based home management system

Intel Ultrabook Convertible:While at the show our team got to sit in on a demo of the new Intel Ultrabook Convertible.  We thought this super fast Intel core processor that comes with a 13, 15, or 17 core, instead of an atom core, was newsworthy. This could be the problem solver in the future for some many people wanting a laptop and tablet in one.  Also, something to mention– most ultrabooks coming later this year will have touch, not as a feature, but as a standard.

An image one of the Stellar Crew took from the 2013 CES trade show in Las Vegas

This years CES show proved to be one of the best yet! We love new innovating products and ideas. It’s amazing how times have changed. The first CES show started back in 1967, where companies were exhibiting VCR’s and laserdisc players. Flash-forward to present day, companies are showcasing apps that can monitor your household needs…who would have thought?

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