Understanding Email Marketing and How To Use It

Email marketing is a great way to reach your clients and targeted audience—newsletters, e-blasts, advertising in emails, and sending out educational information on your business or products are just a few ways to use email marketing.

But why should your business use those tactics, and what are the advantages?

Because new research conducted in 2012 has found that companies are using email marketing as definite way to reach their audience, and continue to make it a large part of their marketing budgets moving forward in 2013.  Furthermore, new trends show that 65 percent of companies plan to integrate email marketing with social media.

So this is great news, right? Well, if you know how to properly use it and integrate it into your business’ marketing strategy. Here are a couple tips and tricks to help your company out:

Plan of action: Understand how you brand yourself as a company, and how you want the content to go out to clients or contacts.  Make sure that each email or e-blast you send out has a specific course of action. Ask your marketing team, is this email more personal, are we targeting a specific type of business, or a selected group of people.

It needs to be easy:  Make signup for your company’s email easy and effortless.  People are not going to signup for your newsletter if there are a million questions in the required fields.  Make sure you ask the important stuff, and keep it short.  People’s attention spans are declining, as we have said before it’s an attention economy out there. Keep in mind, there is higher open rate opportunity when people have opted-in to receive your emails. Don’t assume because you have someone’s email address from another source that they will want your e-blast.

Understand Spam: A lot of companies and people become victims of sending spam emails without even knowing it and it can be devastating to their communication with clients and reputation. Basically people have to sign up for your emails on their own and you have to give them the opportunity to unsubscribe. If not, your server could get black listed. To find out more read up on the CAN-SPAM act.

Use different methods: Think of creative ways to get your audiences’ attention.  Write good subject lines, offer coupons, find out when their birthdays (add in sign up field) and offer a free or discounted service or product.  People like when they are remembered, and most of all they love free stuff. This not only starts to create a relationship with your clients, but it will get them to come back to your site to use their free coupons and discounted products.

Think about mobile: Mobile is becoming king, and continuing to rise.  So it wouldn’t hurt to think about how to integrate mobile into your business’ email marketing. Think about how your email will look on different mobile devices: determine if there is too much content; review if your company’s email template fits; overall, is it look aesthetically pleasing.  These are all things to keep in consideration; because the latest research found that emails opened on mobile devices grew 82.4 percent!

Good luck on your email marketing adventure!

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