Pinning Straight to the Top: Pinterest Sets Expectations

If you haven’t noticed already, the visual look has been the growing trend this year. It seems that more and more websites and social media platforms are changing and updating their looks to become more visual in hopes of capturing their followers’ attention.  Why? Well they want to follow suit to the latest user favorite.

Pinterest hit 11.7 U.S. unique monthly visitors recently, which is faster than any other social media platform ever. If that doesn’t have you convinced, according to a recent ROI research study social media users enjoyed when their friend’s shared post’s with photo’s the most, and 44 percent of people were more likely to engage with brands that posted photos compared to without. And now that Pinterest has welcomed businesses to participate on the site, it has become even more attractive to users.

So, why wouldn’t we all jump on the photo filter bandwagon?

Many have been speculating that Twitter might be opting to add photo filters to its app, following photo-sharing sites like Instagram that pulled in an enormous 7.3 million daily users this past year. For example take the popular social media news site; they just recently updated the look of their website by organizing their top stories in the form of a pinboard to make it more appealing for users to share photos on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Pinterest doesn’t just motivate other sites to increase unique visitor numbers, but also the shear amount of time that is spent on Pinterest. This amount of  time has everyone’s attention.

This past year Pinterest came in second behind YouTube for average time spent on a social media sites. Pinterest users stayed on the site for 15.8 minutes, while Facebook users were for 12.1 minutes and Twitter came in last at a 3.3 minutes.

So if you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking about where your business might fit into this visual world.

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