The Future of Online Advertising

The internet is an ever evolving product. And as the internet evolves, marketers need to be able to adapt with the constant change. One of the biggest trends that is happening on the Internet today is the ability to not only watch your favorite shows online, but to also stream yourself doing anything you want for the whole internet to see. While the idea of people watching random people doing whatever they want live sounds silly, it has turned into profitable industry and has also created a huge opportunity for companies to reach out to a specific demographic. Here are just two examples on how companies can really take advantage of live streaming and use it to reach new customers.


YouTube has always been known as the company that allowed users to create their own videos and post them on the internet for the entire world to see. Their service has allowed those with creative minds, who might not be able to put together a budget to shoot a movie, easily broadcast their idea at a much affordable cost. This spawned hundreds of web-series that are watched almost as religiously as normal TV shows. Now YouTube is entering the live streaming industry and allowing anyone to broadcast live on their website. This new addition has opened up huge opportunities for companies who are looking to bring in new customers in an easy way. Now when companies run important workshops that not everyone can attend, they can simply broadcast the webinar on YouTube for free, making it easy for anyone to simply turn on their computer and watch from their home.  It’s as easy as pressing the live button on the YouTube app from your smartphone or tablet.

Whenever there is a huge press conference that a company is announcing a new product or a change in the company, simply streaming it on YouTube makes it so that they can instantly reach customers instead of relying only on a press release or a news station picking up the story. The faster you can get the information out to customers and potential customers, the more advantage you have over your competitor.


Twitch.TV once started as an expansion to the streaming site called Justin.TV. Justin.TV focused on everyone, while Twitch.TV focused on people who stream themselves playing video games. Today, Twitch has become the main revenue source for Justin.TV, and is very popular among the 18-24 year old demographic.  Over 20 million unique viewers every month watch people play their favorite video games competitively and casually. Twitch has set up a partner system that allows those who generate enough viewers, to run ads that the streamer can make money off of. Someone who is getting close to 20,000 viewers can simply press an ad button, and be rewarded $100 an ad. Twitch creates a great opportunity for marketers who are looking to advertise to a younger demographic.  18-24 year olds are considered some of the hardest to market to, but Twitch allows marketers a central place to find these customers. And with the partner system that encourages streamers to run more ads to generate revenue, it’s a perfect fit for companies looking to gain that extra edge on competitors in that demographic.  So if you’re a company that has a younger audience and you’re looking for a new way to reach them, Twitch might be for you.

While live streaming is still in its early stages and has a lot of room for growth, the potential for brand awareness and revenue are high. Companies who have a keen eye on trends will jump on this opportunity to help boost their sales and awareness. In order to stay relevant in today’s economy, it’s important to stay relevant online.

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