Effective Social Media for Nonprofit Campaigns

In today’s social media age, thousands of businesses are using social media to help expand their brand and reach new customers. This is no different for the thousands of nonprofit’s that are taking advantage of these social hubs to strengthen their great causes. Even with the success of some nonprofits on social media websites, many are still unsure of how to effectively use tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to help their mission. Here are just a few suggestions to help jump start your nonprofit.

1. Creating an avenue for connection between users.

Many of those who volunteer to help with a nonprofit often have been affected in some way or another by the cause the nonprofit supports. For example, many who help with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, have personally battled cancer, or know of a loved one who has. By creating an opportunity for those around the world that have been affected by a certain circumstance, to come to one place and work together to solve the issue is a powerful thing. The first step in promoting your nonprofit is to make that atmosphere a reality on your page. Generate discussion that allows others to interact with each other and support each other. This creates an opportunity for sharing and the growing awareness of your cause.

2. Creating content that can virally grow.

In one of our previous blog posts Making Your Marketing Message Viral, we touched on how businesses are creating videos and content that make consumers want to share with their friends. This same concept can be used for nonprofits. Consider using YouTube to create a video or public service announcement that can be shared by simply putting a link on your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Page. This creates the opportunity for people who are passionate about what you do to share with their friends and family. One great example of a viral video was by the charity called “The Move Movement.” They put out a flash mob of young people dancing in a busy train station in Sydney, Australia. The charity and campaign was put on by Westmead Medical Research Foundation in order to promote a healthier lifestyle. As of today, the video has over 1 million views and has been a great tool in promoting the nonprofit.

3. Partnering with businesses through the use of social media

Another great opportunity that presents itself with social media is the ability to partner with businesses in order to promote a charity, event, or cause.  By using the tabs section on Facebook, you could create a campaign that not only attracts people to your Facebook Page and Twitter, but also allows you to raise money for your cause. For example, the mega retailer Target donated $3 million in charity by opening up a poll where users could go on an app and vote for their charity of choice to have some of the money donated to. Pepsi started the Pepsi Refresh contest that gave out $20 million in grants to those who submitted ideas. These ideas were then voted on. The campaign was heavily promoted on Pepsi’s social media networks and helped create a lot of good publicity for the company as well as the causes that it supported.

Nonprofits need to be able to stay up-to-date on the trends that are happening on the internet, and taking advantage of social media is a huge opportunity for these charities.

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