Social Channels Beyond Facebook and Twitter-sphere

While many people know about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, there are nearly hundreds of social media sites that fly under the radar for many users. These are sites that, given more time, could develop into great opportunities for companies that are looking to find new ways of marketing their business.


Gentlemint has been deemed the “Pinterest for Dudes.” A lot of the same elements that are on Pinterest have been incorporated into this website, but with a focus on things men traditionally like. Here you’ll find information and pictures from tech toys and video games to man food and facial hair. The like symbol uses a mustache, and instead of pinning something, you “save” or “tack” it. The site was created in 2011, so there are some possibilities for growth. Companies that have a large male demographic would want to keep track of Gentlemint to see if they continue to grow, as the opportunities are endless if enough users are involved.


The best way to describe Sulia is that it’s the social media version of Mashable (a leading social media news site). Instead of just one group of people controlling the news feed, Sulia opens it up to anyone with an account. You can “follow” certain topics such as social media, politics and sports, along with many more options. Under each topic, you will have two columns that represent two feeds. One is a “Live Feed”, which represents everything that is being posted at that time and you also have the featured column. This column is for those who are deemed “Experts” by the website’s ranking system that bases its ranking on engagement as well as other metrics. They also have a leaderboard that ranks all of the top experts through their engagement metrics within the last seven days. The better your engagement, the better chance you’ll have of moving up the rankings and be in the featured column.

To start on Sulia, you set up a profile, which you can link directly to your Twitter and Facebook account so that when you make a post, it goes directly to those feeds.  You then choose a username which also will be used as your website URL. Along with following categories, you can also follow the people that are posting in each category. For example, you can follow Pete Cashmore, who help runs the main account for Mashable’s Twitter. Here is what his page looks like when you are looking at his feed.

Sulia website



Have you ever wanted to find a group of people that shared similar interests as yours and meet up and hang out? Well, that’s exactly what the social media website Meetup is all about. Finding a meetup is simple, simply go to their website, and it will automatically connect you to the right network based on your Internet Service Provider that they get from your IP address. By logging in through Facebook, you can find out which friends, if any, are in meet up groups in your local area. If there are no groups that you’re interested in, you can pay a small fee to create your own!

While Meetup is great for individuals seeking a group with similar interests, it’s also a great site for businesses.  Meetup is great for companies that are looking to hire people, as well as helping people find a job. There are usually one or two networking groups that people can use to further their career options!  You can also find out information on seminars and summits that offer great opportunities for companies to get involved, and possibly sponsor an event.


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