Facebook’s New Changes, and How it Affects YOU!

Recently, Facebook announced over the holiday weekend that the mammoth social media site would be tweaking a few of their policies in regards to how they collect data, as well as how they collect feedback for their website. Although these changes won’t be noticed cosmetically, they will still affect each one of the billion users that frequent Facebook daily.

Data Policy

The main change that Facebook is making will be towards how they use the data that they collect from you when you register with them, as well as when you update your page.  Recently, Facebook purchased Instagram, and has incorporated the photo sharing site into Facebook. With the new policy, all affiliates that are under Facebook, including Instagram, can and will be used to provide more precise information to those who advertise on Facebook. This means that info you use on Instagram will be used to market products and services to you on Facebook as well.

Another huge change to Data Policy will be toward the Pages that you like on Facebook.

“If you indicate that you are interested in topics, such as by liking a Page, including topics such as products, brands, religion, health status, or political views, you may see ads related to those topics as well” – Facebook

When you agree to like a Page, Facebook can use that information to start sending you ads in regards to that page. For example, if you liked a Page titled “Wisconsinites with Diabetes” Facebook could very well start sending you ads about that health issue.  This new change might cause some users to rethink what pages they choose to “like.”

Message Filter

The next change that Facebook is making is in regards to who can send messages to your account. Previously you were given the option of receiving messages from “Friends of Friends”, “Friends only”, or “Everyone.” Facebook is getting rid of these options, and is instead putting filters on your messages.  What exactly these filters are hasn’t been made clear, but more details will be coming in the near future.

Voting and Feedback

In the past, if there was a policy that users did not like, they could overrule the policy by getting 30% of the Facebook community to oppose the rule. Facebook has decided that this function was not working well, and is throwing out the voting feature, and now is instead looking for quality feedback instead to help them make decisions.  They are also getting their Chief Policy Officer Erin Egan more involved through live web feeds that answer questions from users.

It’s important as a user to be up-to-date on these changes and to continue to stay informed. You can read the official statement from Facebook  about these changes here.

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