It's a Two-Way Street

A major mistake many people make managing social media accounts is forgetting it’s a channel of two-way communication. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest are meant for sharing and networking–“conversation starting” per se.  Remember that to be a successful social media marker, you cannot just push out content and disregard engagement.

“No one appreciates their well thought out comment falling on deaf ears.” – Social Media Strategist, Rebekah Radice

Let your followers and fans know you are paying attention to them! Simple acknowledgement gestures go a long way in building trust and encouraging future action.

  • Reply: This is the golden rule.
    • When anyone (granted it is not spam) comments  with a question or concern reply with an accurate answer. Even if it is not a question you know, provide the resources for the user to find the answer.
    • If someone comments on your content with a simple opinion, such as “Wow this cool, thanks for sharing!” it is best to provide a reply with a call-to-action. Something as short as “Yeah, we agree!  Learn more HERE” (And attach a link.)
  • Thank: If someone retweets you on Twitter or provides a testimonial on your company’s Facebook/LinkedIn page, publicly thank them! This shows that you appreciate their engagement.

  • Shoutout: It is best to include the links of other people’s usernames as much as possible in posts. (This can be done by adding the @ before the username on Twitter or Facebook.) By doing this, the other person is notified that you are including them in your content and shows your’e trying to spark conversation. You are endorsing others, which in turn may lead to others endorsing you.


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