Workshop Recap: We Do It For You

Stellar Blue is proud to have successfully launched our first month of providing hands-on training workshops.  We couldn’t be more excited to advance our services and develop our training studio into an ideal learning environment.

Through our Stellar Blue workshops, we aim to share our expertise and educate you on the latest digital topics. There are so many marketing tools out there it can be overwhelming!  You receive the knowledge and skills to compare, implement, and grow your online marketing strategies.

We also want to get your gears turning. Our learning environment sparks creativity. Our attendees have been leaving with a motivated mind and take-home materials to assume action. We attribute this to the casual interactive environment. Learning should not be stuffy or straight-laced. We joke, we eat, we answer questions and let the creative juices flow.

The Stellar Blue Studio additionally allows our team to sit down with the Fox Valley community face-to-face. We love digital technology, but are excited to put a face to our name. We are delighted to have you come and meet our crew–Proof that although we are nerds, we’re not robots!

Keep in mind; we do these workshops for you. So, we want to hear your feedback! If there is a certain topic you would like to learn more about, tell us. We want to provide knowledge you can utilize and have interest in.

Browse our upcoming events!

We can take our show on the road, as well as hold private sessions for smaller groups. Contact us  or visit our workshop homepage!

A special shout-out and thanks to everyone that has attended this month.

We look forward to seeing you!

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