Watch Your Web Traffic, Make More Money

Why is it important to monitor your website’s analytics? It is plain and simple, more leads and more money. Watching how people are using your site and noting trends will bring in more leads and make you more money. Just by reviewing your sites analytics, you can discover user’s actions and behavior patterns on your website and consider this data in a marketing strategy.

Referring URLS(aka: Where your traffic is coming from.) Knowing if your consumers are coming directly from typing in your URL or if it’s from search or Social Media will help you to make informed marketing and optimizing decisions. If you see many users coming to your site from Facebook links, maybe it is time to hold a Facebook campaign or special promotions on that channel. This will bring in more leads to your site.

Entrance and Exit Pages(aka: The exact page on your site traffic is coming to or leaving.) Being aware of the pages where people are coming to (not always your homepage) your site can help you ensure where your strongest call-to-actions should be. This also applies for exit pages. If a page on your site has a high exit rate, review the content on this page and possible switch the message or add a stronger call to action. This will persuade potential leads to contact you or purchase directly from you, leading to more money in your pocket.

Unique visitors (aka: Each individual user visit to your site.)  An increase in unique visitors indicates that your marketing initiatives are successful. Tracking your unique visitors will help you seek out your marketing weaknesses to make strengths, and discover strengths to capitalize on. An ideal marketing strategy will bring in leads and produce revenue!

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