Top Trending Web Design Elements

Stellar Blue is obsessed with staying trendy. In the spirit of new website design modernizations, we thought it was time to take on our own redesign—-We are proud to show off our new homepage! As we are designing new website layouts, whether it be for our clients, or ourselves we always keep in mind the latest design elements.

  • Tiered navigation: Everyone likes a user-friendly easy to navigate website. Tiered navigation provides optimal standout navigation to ensure your most important pages can be easily accessed. Top tier is typically the staple items like Home, Contact Us, Phone Number, etc. Second tier is the main navigation that opens up all the interior pages.
  • Hot boxes: Having a strong call to action on your homepage will make your site transactional, meaning higher conversions and more revenue coming in. Hot boxes are areas where you want a strong focus on specific areas of your site or a call to action. These can be actual boxed images, icons, groupings etc. (These can also be referred to as “feature boxes.”)
  • Large fonts and imagery: With faster browsers, high speed internet, and flat screen monitors comes the ability to easily display larger, WOW images. Large fonts showcase personality within the font and draw the viewer’s attention to the specific area. Using drop shadows, gradients, or textures also allows certain areas to be highlighted.
  • “Above the fold”: The term originated from newspaper print and refers to the literal fold in the paper. Important headlines/stories are typically kept above that fold. Basically, the way this translates to the web – keep your important stuff at the top of the page. (This term is not used quite as often in web design because of the wide variety of viewable devices and browser windows.)

Want to learn more about what is trending in the world of Internet marketing? Attend one of Stellar Blue’s workshops this fall at our new studio!

Check out our event schedule. Pick one or attend all. Bring your laptop, we’ll bring food and it will be an enjoyable full hands-on learning experience.


See what the studio looks like! Browse our “Stellar Studio” Pinterest board.

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