Three Basic Pinterest Tips

There is always some sort of online etiquette or unofficial rule book to every social media site out there–Pinterest is no exception! Abide by these three Pinterest tips and you’ll be on your way to happy pinning. (Register for Stellar Blue’s Pinterest workshop on October 10th at our new studio HERE!)

Don’t repin everything you see.
Although repining someone else’s pin is easy, avoid “pin all the things!” Before you repin, make sure the pin will add quality and not just quantity to your own board. Too many pins on one board are overwhelming for pinners. (TIP**if you must “pin all the things” spilt it up into different boards.)
Put it this way, if you were looking for a birthday cake idea, would you like to browse a board of 500 random dessert recipes or 40-50 solid chocolate recipes with expressive descriptions?

This brings up our second tip…

Add text!
If the pin you are repining does not have a description, add one. If a pin does not have text, it will not be found when someone is querying it in the search field. If you have the best wedding cake designs in the industry, but only pin the pictures, it will be significantly harder for potential customers to find your work displayed on Pinterest.

Maintain you Pinterest “house-keeping.”
One main function of Pinterest is a way of book-marketing the web. Boards are meant for organizing pins, so use them to keep you account orderly. Also, you’d be surprised how many Pinterest pin images redirect to wrong, inappropriate or nonexistent sites. Make sure all you pins are linked to accurate and credited sources.

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