Pinterest Copyright Concern (Interview)

Pinterest’s main existence is all about repurposing third-party content, or posting images you find on other websites to your own boards. Sharing images is Pinterest’s success. As a result, there are concerns about “who owns what” or copyright questions.

The below interview with Jonathan Klein, CEO of stock photography service Getty Images, expresses picture-heavy sites with major amounts of traffic proves there is a an attraction in imagery. The main point in the Pinterest copyright concern is keep sharing other’s content, but don’t share to generate revenue—or if you do, make sure it is properly attributed.

We want people to be able to play with imagery, use imagery, pass imagery around, share imagery–However, when somebody’s using an image for commercial purposes, to build their business or make money, then we say, “Come on, you’ve got to share that with the intellectual property owner.”

GE logo bottom left corner.

We are turning into a completely visual world, and with that we need to be prepared to protect our images.

If you are concerned about other’s taking your business’ credit, add your logo to the bottom of pins, like General Electirc (GE) does. Or add water marks to your images.

Simple precautions will help aid against the legal debate and keep you 100% protected.

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