Spyware, Hackers, and Spam, Oh My!

With our growing reliance on electronic devices, the importance of cyber security has become more prevalent. Understanding the threats in our digital world can help everyone be better protected and secure.

Malware or spyware allows digital hackers to track your every move and view entered passwords. Hackers can also use malware to take control of individuals’ computers remotely and attack computer networks. This setup is known as “botnet.” Typically users download spyware by accident from trying to load free software, screen savers, or other applications from the Internet.

Spam email, or “junk mail” contains corrupt links or attachments that prompts users to download items that may also have spyware, as well as computer viruses.

The best practice to aid against these cyber threats is keeping all software up-to-date by subscribing to automatic updates. Also, installing an antivirus program to warn against fraudulent files ministers in spyware and spam link protection.  (Email filters help weed out spam.) Think twice before turning off firewalls, or systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from private networks. Turning off firewall for even a couple minutes can increase the risk of computers becoming infected.

Additional ways to stay protected!

  • Use strong passwords that do not contain names or personal information. If a password is discovered, it could be detrimental if it’s personal info, such as street address or phone number.
  • Be cautious when using thumb drives—if they are inflected, the virus can spread to the computer drive.
  • If a request for personal information is needed, first independently verify that it is from a secure company. Do not publish identifying information socially online.
  • Make sure your personal home Internet connection is password protected. Without protected connections, cyber criminals in the area could access the Internet through your network and gain access to your computer.

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