Why Realtors Need Mobile Marketing

With the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices, real estate agents need to get in touch with their digital side and employ a mobile strategy.

Among visitors to realtor.com (the National Association of Realtors’ official property search portal) Apple iPad users and iPhone users, respectively, are 160% and 300% more likely to contact an agent than users of desktop or laptop.

This is because mobile is used on the go, i.e. when driving-by and looking at houses! The excitement of seeing a new home is fresh when driving past, and as a relator you want to hold this excitement by providing buyers instant access to relator and property information. Capitalizing on a mobile strategy does this.

  • Mobile flyers downloaded from QR codes displayed on property signs or business cards provide information immediately that can be saved on the mobile device for later viewing.
  • Mobile virtual tours deliver a “teaser” to the actual property and will lure buyers to set up viewings.
  • Mobile websites and applications that list properties enable easy home browsing anytime, anywhere, making the buying process less time consuming and more convenient.

The mobile revolution is changing the way realtors connect with clients, both buyers and sellers. Mobile marketing helps move drive-by traffic to viewings and turn those viewings more efficiently into closings—what sellers and buyers love!

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