Blogging Myths

There are multiple common misperceptions about blogging. Stellar Blue want’s to make it clear–Do NOT be scared to blog! We called-out the most popular blogging myths to make this channel of marketing your business more friendly, easier, and less time consuming.

  • MYTH #1: I need to post everyday.
    When starting a blog, it is completely unnecessary to post a blog every day. We recommend publishing one blog post every week or even every 10 days to get your feet wet. The main objective is to keep the blog active. However, it’s not okay to have one post ever two or three months. This will lose readers or credibility of your business, resulting in the blog working against you.
  • MYTH #2: I have nothing to blog about.
    Everyone in every business can blog about something. Blogs are essentially free range. Anything goes that stays within your company standards. You can blog about news in your industry, new job postings, personal experiences, business schedules or events, your company volunteering, a customer or client of yours, possibilities are endless! Go online and check out some news relevant to your industry to get your gears turning.
  • MYTH #3: My posts need to be long and detailed.
    The majority of readers like to digest short and sweet blurbs—not lengthy text jammed with big words. It is best to limit each post to about 350 words broken into short paragraphs or bullets. Blog posts can even be pictures or movies. (See our Google’s Doodles post). When publishing a complete picture post, make sure you have at least some text. This personalizes the picture for your readers and let’s search engines know you are still adding fresh content.

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