Mobile Marketing Dos and Don'ts

It’s hard to digest all the areas of mobile and create a mobile marketing plan. It may take some time to figure out the exact mobile solution for you, but at least be aware of a couple do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing.


  • Do keep it simple.
    There is nothing worse than a busy mobile marketing campaign. Mobile provides less “real estate” for companies to reach consumers.  It is important for marketers to keep their message as simple as possible.
    “The smaller the screen, the simpler the marketing message should be,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism, New York.
  • Do give people a way to unlock more information
    Allow your mobile campaign to unlock more info than from traditional media.  Give users a reason and incentive to connect with your brand on-the-go.
  • Do take the necessary time to understand.
    Take time to understand how mobile would be discovered and used by your audience and what value you can deliver to them.  Create a personalized and relevant experience for users and tailor it specifically for them.


  • Don’t do mobile for mobile’s sake. 
    Marketers should not dive-in head first into mobile. Many brands become discouraged about using mobile because they forget to consider factors such as the user or the content. Develop a strategy or goal with research to back it up before you get mobilized!
  • Don’t treat mobile as an add-on.
    Mobile phones are glued to everyone at all times.  Why make it an afterthought in your marketing strategy?
    “When you embrace mobile in the early stages of strategy, you can more effectively integrate creative elements that maximize mobile’s potential and drive more impact for your broader marketing mix,” said Elena Perez, director of marketing at Medialets, New York.
  • Don’t make the consumer work
    At this day and age, consumers expect streamlined communication approaches from their favorite brands.  Don’t make users work harder than they need to. Give them a clear path to what they want at the time -Users will be more likely to engage in your mobile strategy if its clear and straight to the point to access.

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