Back-to-School Landing Pages

Is your business ready for the change of seasons?

Labor Day weekend commonly marks the end of the summer season—which means “back to school” sales and new fall marketing strategies.

Consumers are turning to the web for “back to school” shopping because it offers an easier way to save money and find discounts, as well as research products. As a result, companies are prepared to lure customers to visit their online shopping destinations and provide them with incentives to make purchases.  Over the weekend, we noticed enticing website landing pages from industry leaders leveraging the new season and using back-to-school sales strategies.

Check out some of these landing pages!


Old Navy has prominently featured a one day sale promotion for back-to-school clothes on its landing page.

Not only does Office Depot boldly feature back to school at the top of its website, but the company also makes it easy for consumers to shop for age-specific supplies by splitting the materials into grade categories.

Target is one of the most popular locations for traditional brick and mortar back-to-school shoppers, however the company’s website is also looking to attract digital shoppers! This landing page features back to school sales for college students, while the top of the site promotes free shipping and the left side of the site features a 20 percent savings promotion for back-to-school shopping.

Is your business using a fall marketing promotion like these pros? Thinking about freshening up your landing page?

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