Crowdsourcing: Power of the Public!

Along with new Internet marketing trends comes the descriptive modern lingo. “Crowdsourcing” is a now modern term marketers are widely using. Although the name is extremely similar to the crazy music concert activity, crowd surfing–crowdsourcing is a significant business strategy. 

User-generated content, such as blogs and social media have blurred the distinction between professional publishers and consumers. Now a-days everyone can be writers and producers easily (tweeting, Facebook status updates, personal blogs, etc.)! Crowdsourcing is leveraging this movement from a company standpoint.

The basic idea of crowdsourcing is to tap into the collective intelligence of the public to help complete marketing or business initiatives.

Crowdsourcing enables companies to expand the size of their talent pool while getting deeper insight into what customers really want. Millions of people out there can and want to help your business—so use this to your advantage!

In return, most participants simply want some personal recognition. However many larger companies give away money prizes, such as winners of Doritos’ Crash the Superbowl commercial contest–a pro crowdsourcing example!
The people at Frio-Lay ask consumers to create a 30 second Doritos commercial and submit it on Doritos’ website. At least one crowd-made commercial is guaranteed to air on the super bowl.
Crowdsourcing can be used on a smaller local business level also. Many small-mid size companies can ask for public opinions directly via social media. For example, if you write a monthly newsletter, ask for feedback via twitter from your audience. Hear what topics they would like to learn or read about. We guarantee you will get a response!

Crowdsourcing can improve productivity or creativity and minimizing labor and research expenses. But remember—crowds are not employees, so managers cannot expect to control them. If you asked for people’s opinions and work, respect it!

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