Check-in to Conversion

How do you engage with people that check-in to your store? We are not just using a slang term for “visiting,” we’re talking about location-based social media, such as Foursquare.

The utilization of social media to tell friends, followers or fans of a user’s current location and activity in real time is growing. From “checking-in,” or publicly broadcasting the place you are at, users indirectly promote the business and in turn, hopefully receive some type of reward. For example, Pizza Hut may give away a free order of breadsticks or a local gas station could give a 10% discount on cappuccinos.

Location based social media provides merchants the ability to target consumers in a non-aggressive way to make a purchase.

If a shopper checks-in at a store on Foursquare and also connects the “check-in” to Twitter, marketers can respond with a thank you message in the user’s Twitter feed and include a mobile landing page link where the user could receive a coupon.

Additionally, marketers could also provide a mobile banner ad to users once they “check-in.” Click-through rate of ads sent to users while in the store are between 40 percent and 60 percent and a 0.7 percent to 0.9 percent average engagement rate for banner ads—Pretty impressive.

Location based social media helps marketers perform  “showrooming,” a new marketing term developed from the mobile expansion. “Showrooming” refers to serving a message with an offer to a user while they are in the store. It is one-to-one communication, direct, and highly contextual, a marketers dream!

Many big names understand the power of this marketing channel and have harnessed it in creative ways, such as Sports Authority (check out it’s awesome “check-in” campaign!), but you can too!

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