Write Compelling Email Subjects

Email subject lines are little but are packed with so much potential. This little piece of email marketing should not be over looked – they are the first contact with a potential customer. In business, whether it’s an awkward handshake or messy store, bad first impressions make difference. And with email marketing, you have to take it to another level. You need to give a reason for your audience to choose to be interested in the content.

As if that’s not pressure enough, you now need to be better than all the other messages that your audience will be bombarded with along with getting past spam filters all in one little line. Is this impossible? No. Can Stellar Blue help? Yes.

Here are some pointers that are worth consideration when creating your next email subject line:

•    State Who You Are: We like to know whom we are talking to. You introduce yourself when you make a phone call or knock on a door. This is no different. We operate in a social communicate society; obscuring your identity is jarring. So either your subject line could use an identifier or, a simpler way, use the “from” line.

•    Last Thing to Write: Write your content. Make your points. Proof, finish, critique. When your newsletter material is completed, write your subject line. That way you are more likely to write a subject line that bears more relevance to the content.

•    Avoid Capitals: DO YOU WANT TO BE SHOUTED AT? Exactly. In most cases, using capitals can be disastrous and offer the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve. This goes with exclamation points too. These also can come off as cheap salesmanship.

•    Have you tried a question? Questions provoke customers to think and it increases curiosity. However, use these sparingly but are worth a try to spice things up!

•    Be Specific: What is more enticing, “Marketing Tips” or “5 Tips to Increase Marketing ROI.” The latter offers a feeling of time (five things to read, five things to do) along with a specific marketing subject, ROI. This offers weight to the reader. They can predict the benefit even before opening.

•    Beware of Spam: And avoid being spammy. Items to follow to be less spammy: avoid overuse of capital letters, not promising ridiculous things, check for misspelling words, and work on poor grammar. Also avoid key words that trigger firewalls. Any word pertaining to a purchase, money or being free are big-time red flags. Click here for one of the many resources that list high spam trigger words.

The above list is a collaboration of many skillful points. Contact Stellar if your looking to up your email marketing game and increase your open rate. If email marketing is new to you, we recommend you checking out the Stellar Email Studio.

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