Samsung Bounces Back With Digital “Smart” Camera

As a result of Apple’s victory over Samsung in the recent copycat lawsuit, (read our blog post for more info about the trial) various Samsung smartphones will be banned in the US, including the popular Samsung Galaxy S II.

But with every cloud comes a silver lining. Samsung has a new member of the Galaxy line planning to launch, shedding light on the Apple competitor.

Samsung will be debuting its new Android-powered “smart camera” at IFA, an electronics trade show in Berlin, according to website GSM Arena.
The camera is rumored to come with a 16-megapixel sensor 4.8 inch screen, and run on Android 4.0—Read all about this “ice cream sandwich” system in our previous blog post.

The camera is also tapped to have an integrated cellular connection for uploading pictures to networks like Facebook and Instagram while you’re on the go.

Within the next months to a year,  the smart camera may be as common and popular as the smartphone. Samsung is not alone on its idea. Nikon has its own Android-powered camera releasing in September that will have full access to the Google Play marketplace. Polariod also has an Android-powered camera that will soon hit the market.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking…What about Apple? The icam is the closest thing the company has to a digital smart camera. The icam will be a modular concept camera that needs an iphone to work. Essentially, it’s an iphone add-on.

Whew, Samsung is safe!

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