Get Creative with QR Codes

Whether you’re familiar with QR codes or not, we know you’ve seen them around! These enhanced 2D barcodes are popping up everywhere and although are a simple concept to implement, can be used in ingenious ways.

The main point in any marketing initiative is to WOW everyone and break through the clutter–utilizing QR codes creatively can do just that.

QR codes hold more than 350x the amount of info that can be stored in a regular one-dimensional barcode. This information can be anything from website links, sound, pictures, movies or real-time updates, so imagine the possibilities!

Beginner ideas?:

Place it on a business card or resume.
Stellar Blue uses this one! On all of our employee’s business cards we have planted a QR code that directs people to our website.  This makes our marketing holistic and drives traffic to our site.  You can also have the QR code hold personal information, such as a portfolio and attach it to a resume. (Plus the QR code stands out and makes potential employers interested!

Put it on company paraphernalia for marking.
Planting QR codes on water bottles, mugs, coasters, any type of company paraphernalia is a great idea to further direct  integrate your marketing channels. Mountain Dew and Taco Bell actually partnered on a promotion in which customers could scan QR codes on cups to get free music downloads. The campaign earned the companies over 200,000 downloads!

More Advanced campaigns from the pros:

Verizon Wireless
Version’s QR code campaign increased sales by 200%! In-store customers scanned a QR code that shared a link on their personal Facebook profile that they entered a smartphone competition. If a friend used that link to buy a Verizon phone, the original customer won a smartphone. Verizon saw a $35,000 return on a $1,000 investment, plus brand awareness on 25,000 new Facebook profiles. How about that!?

During the holidays, JCPenneys launched a QR code campaign to add a personal touch to purchased gifts. Once a gift was bought from JCP, customers received a “Santa Tag” with a QR code on it. The gift giver could scan the code and record a personalized voice message for the recipient and stuck the “santa tag” on the package like a gift card. A great added-in bonus!

Just remember, when using QR codes make sure it provides value. Give people a reason to access the content and make your QR code work for you!

Interested in using QR codes in your marketing? We would be delighted to help! Contact Stellar Blue web design at [email protected] or write on our Facebook wall

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