Put Your Online Marketing Offline

When it comes to promos and advertising, it is important to integrate all of your marketing channels to make one overall successful strategy.  Put your eggs in more than one basket, but keep your ducks in a row.  Every type of marketing tactic, whether it be online or offline, should play into each other and be teammates, not competitors.

Because offline and online are essentially opposites, many people forget to “marry them.”  If you isolate online from offline, the miscommunication can lead to:

  • A lower ROI on all marketing methods because neither one is working or helping the other.
  • Facts become twisted and different or incorrect information is relayed. Example: “I saw on Facebook you were offering 30% off till Sunday!” But your newspaper ad said the sale stops Friday…

It is easy to take your new media approach (Twitter, QR codes or mobile apps) and mix it in with traditional media (radio ads, brochures, direct mail, etc.) Some things you might do…

  • Put a QR code on your business card or monthly direct mailings (Check out our previous blog post about fun QR campaigns)
  • If you have a TV commercial, show your handle (@StellarBlue) on the screen. You would be surprised how many followers you will get! This also goes for radio ads. Mention, “Find us on twitter we’d be delighted to tweet with you!”
  •  Promote your mobile app on brochures that are displayed in the office. People will look at paper flyers while sitting in a waiting room. If they see you have a mobile app, they are very likely to pull out their phone right then and download it while waiting.

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