The Multi-Screen Olympic Relay

Digital Olympic Brief!

Google is calling it the most wired Olympic games ever! People around the world experienced the Games not just via TV, but also on desktops, mobile phones and tablets—a multi-screen relay!

But these screens were not competing, rather simultaneously being used.  Overall, nearly 56% of people who watched the Games on TV and at least one other screen did so at the same time. These people could have been live streaming the games on another device, or watching YouTube clips of previous events and interviews, or even checking the medal count and other Olympic stats.

The simultaneous viewers watched TV for 67% longer than those who only watched on TV. In addition to watching longer, two-screen viewers also watched more often—actually double more often!

YouTube powered the live stream for NBC Olympics and for the International Olympic Committee’s YouTube Channel, making the Games accessible on multi-screens.  In all, more than 20 million hours of total video was streamed over 17 days.

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