Bros on Pinterest

Yes it’s true; the female demographic dominates all top three most-popular social networks: Facebook 58% female user, Twitter 62%, and Pinterest 72% (The social virtual pin board).

Pinterest is the most overwhelming with female users and has males or male-targeted brands running away from the thought of joining the network.

However, as Pinterest matures, just as any social media network, the gender ratio becomes a little more balanced. Just last summer male-categories we’re scarce, but now Pinterest has categories such as cars & motorcycles, sports, and men’s fashion. Other older categories, such as food, drink, and health have also seen an increasing popularity with male Pinterest users. (Lets be honest, who doesn’t love food?)

More and more males and male-brands are jumping on Pinterest for this reason. As a male-brand, you do not want to neglect Pinterest, but leverage the social network.

Three male-targeted brands with Pinterest success:

  1. Men’s Health- a popular men’s magazine with content focused around the male lifestyle and health.
    Men’s health pins a variety of male focused content like new articles from their magazine, cooking recipes, workouts, DIY, grooming guides, and clothing. They’re focusing their content towards men but sticking to content that is popular on the site, such as fashion, DIY, recipes, and guides to help the female demographic spread their content.
  2. popular adult magazine brand targeting a mostly male audience. Playboy uses Pinterest to show its brand culture (not only women). They have also created boards with Cars, Gadget/Tech, Movie Reviews, Music Reviews, Politics, and Comedy.
  3. Guyism-a men’s site focused around male content such as humor, women, tech, and health.
    Their content focuses around things both men and women find interest, such as food, tech gadgets, and pets.

The overall goal of Pinterest is to simply share and organize ideas, any type of ideas, and get social. This is not gender specific.

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