Tips To Finding Unique Domain Names

Your company’s domain names can say a lot about the business and be a great marketing tool. (Stellar Blue Web Design is actually registered under 12 domain names as a marketing benefit!)

The first step, however, is finding domains with creativity and ingenuity. There are millions of domain names already registered in the world. Stellar Blue wants to help you “pick your baby’s name(s)” and discover great available domain names for your business. Whether you’re a new company or just looking to add some spice in your online marketing strategies, these tips will help get your gears turning.

  • Be Symbolic. Using words in your domain that have meaning to your company or industry can be a fun way to market. For instance, Stellar Blue client, Earth Sense Energy Systems is registered under many unique domains, and uses as its main name, for its pellet stoves.
  • Try out puns. Stellar Blue used “APP-tunities are endless” as a slogan to promote mobile apps. Have fun with puns and use them in domains! Play around with the sounds and slang sayings. Puns are much less likely than other kinds of names to have been registered because their component parts are not actual words.
  • Abbreviate or use different domain extensions. Think of how you can abbreviate your business name if it is long. Ex: Quality Custom Metal Fabrication Inc.’s main domain is Also, do not forget about the domain extensions out there. If you’re abbreviated domain name is already registered under .com, try using .co or an extensions relative to your type of business (Find out about domain extensions by reading Stellar Blue’s previous blog post!

Once you have a couple names, make sure they are available with Stellar Blue’s domain checker HERE.

Interested in registered for a couple new domain names? Contact Stellar Blue today. Stay connected with us through Twitter and Facebook!

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