Mobile vs Mobility…and Strategy

“Mobile” is a trend, “mobility” is the evolution.  This difference is oftentimes overlooked. Mobile and mobility become blended in the digital world, which leads people to take unsuccessful mobile initiatives.

Right now mobile is hot. Businesses are on a craze to start “something mobile” regardless of sensible business goals or if people will even use it.  (Such as a mobile website with 90+ pages or a random mobile app related to the company).

The result? An unsatisfied number of downloads, visits, engagement…and you upset. Before starting your mobile marketing make sure you understand mobility as a behavior and lifestyle followed by how mobile works in your business. Then a mobile strategy can start, founded from understanding mobility.

Mobile vs mobility is parallel to hardware vs software. Mobile is linked to devices. It is one thing, wherever it is. Mobility changes with context and cultures. “For example, in Africa, SMS technology helps farmers pay bills electronically. In America, it helps teenagers keep up with their friends.”  Mobile is the channel and basic nuts and bolts, while mobility is the behavior and context determining if it all works together.

Bottom line: Understand mobility before using mobile tactics.

AND, don’t put mobile tactics in front of strategy. When the web was bran new, every site seemed to have every type of bell and whistle, like a site-counter. When social media was fresh, business spent money on Facebook apps with cute gimmicks with no real sharing value. Now, with mobile today, make sure whatever mobile tactic you use works in your strategy…based off of mobility.

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