Pin It to Win it! Kraft Foods on Pinterest

Today, Stellar Blue is talking about “Pin It to Win It” style Pinterest contests, with the spotlight on Kraft foods. (But if you first want to learn the basics—contact us for our free eBook all about Pinterest!)

Many brands are creating “Pin It to Win It” contest on Pinterest to drive ongoing engagement and promote products in a fun, non-salesy way. With these types of Pinterest contests the winning board is chosen by a set of judging criteria and is based on quality. This keeps the barrier to entry low and gives users an incentive to take time into participating the contest and interacting with the brand

Many businesses ask participants to pin actual products of the brand—for example a clothing company might ask to create a board called “Summer collection” and pin your favorite T-shirts from the brand. The winner may then get a gift card towards the T-shirts. But, Kraft Foods takes a different stance and creatively played its Kraft recipes into the contest. A way to promote the Kraft brand and all of its products as an end solution that has personality—great meals for a party!

Kraft’s 4th of July sweepstakes had participants create a board with “Kraft Recipes” included in the name and contain 10 or more summer recipes (for a July cookout) available at or  To enter, users emailed the URL link of their board and then would be notified if they were selected as a winner. The grand prize was a $500 American Express gift card!

Stellar Blue likes this campaign because it was timely, involved a wide range of people (everyone has to eat), and promoted recipes not tangible products. It’s a great visual way to share and show how product are used—would you rather pin a tub of Cool Whip or a plate of delicious looking Jello dessert with berries and a whipped topping?

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