It is Easy to Go Green on Your Mobile Phone

“It ain’t easy being green, “ said Kermit the frog, but it can be easy going green with these environmentally friendly mobile apps. If you are an inspiring environmental savvy business then take a look at these mobile apps that will give you a chance to be green on the go.

Walk Score, a free app for IOS that will take you wherever you want to go on your two feet. To the grocery store, laundry mat or a public transportation station, Walk Score will find your current location and calculate the time and distance it will take you to walk. Leave the car at home and get your exercise in for the day by traveling on foot to your errands.

Are you tired of opening your electric bill every month and being shocked at the cost? The Green Outlet app for IOS helps your predict your electric bill each month and separates the cost of each of your appliances. This app helps you manage your monthly finances easily.

Now that you have become more eco friendly in your home and transportation it is time to shop that way too! With the GoodGuide available in IOS and Android you can now purchase green, healthy, safe and ethical friendly products with this barcode scanner app. From baby shampoo to a bag of chips this app will guide you through stores to save the environment one product at a time.

Are you looking for a way to save a few trees? FormMobi, available in IOS and Android, helps businesses go paperless. You can create and share templates, voice recorded notes and graphs on your mobile device. If you work in business, architecture, healthcare, retail, finance or education, this app may be a good fit for you.

Are you an eco savvy business? Do you have a mobile app or mobile website that reflects your environmentally friendly vision? If the answer is no then give Stellar Blue a call. We can create a mobile app or website that fits into your green lifestyle.




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