No-Frills? No Problem. General Electric works Pinterest with 800+ pins.

Stellar Blue is ready to highlight another Pinterest account & campaign this week!

If you’re thinking Pinterest is only for B2C companies or businesses with tangible visually appealing products in a likable industry (like home deco or fashion,) think again.

One of the best examples of a non-frilly business we’ve seen in the Pinterest world is General Electric (GE). The company has more than 7,500 followers and 800 pins. If a power generation/electric/tech & application business can get creative, so can you, your B2B or service company.

GE’s Pinterest homepage bio, “#Pinning things that inspire us to build, power, move and cure the world. Welcome to the official GE Pinterest page!” shares the company’s culture–the “pretty” part of GE. The side companies (especially B2B and services) should show on each social media channel, along with company values, industry knowledge, and employee personality.

GE has conducted a couple Pinterest promos already, but its most recent one is Similar to Elizabeth Arden’s cancer awareness campaign. GE’s “Ready to Pinspire” Pinterest board supports, honors, and unites cancer fighters and survivors. Users will create a board titled “Pinspire” on his or her own account to share personal “cancer journeys” or in honor of a loved one.  GE will feature one Pinspire board each week from users that share his or her boards via email or with a hashtag (#pinspire).

Stellar encourages you to check out GE on Pinterest (better to show you than to tell you!) for inspiration on launching your company.–And don’t forget to check out Stellar’s account!

Still blinded by Pinterest? We have a free easy to read ebook we can email  you! Either contact us at or tweet at us @stellarblue and it’s yours to enjoy and share.

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