A Facebook "Want" Button to Release?

Extra Extra! Read all about it! Breaking news! Rumor has it Facebook is getting yet another new feature. The facelift is related to e-commerce and would allow you to tell all of your friends what products you want to buy.

A “want” button code was released to Facebook’s Javascript (the behind the scenes stuff) on June 27th. Since then it has been updated, proving the button is under active development.

The “want” button plugin would be similar to the already featured “like” button however would make a distinguishable key difference among users.




When you “like” a product on Facebook, it could mean users already have it OR want it. The “want” button will tell e-commerce sites that you do not already have this product. The ability to distinguish between these groups of consumers puts power back to the advertiser, helps to target ads more effectively, and makes Facebook a strong Google AdWord competitor.

There also has been more code found that would allow you to share products purchased, charitable donations or items purchased within Facebook games to profile pages and Timeline.

We’re always looking for new features for the platform,” Facebook said. “However, we have nothing new to announce.”

No doubt, the e-commerce wave is growing—with mobile commerce (m-commcere) not far behind! Check out Stellar’s March 2012 Newsletter all about m-commerce, and contact us if interested in getting your products or services sold online today!

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