PlugIn to your Company

You have a blog on your company website, you post content regularly and you receive the occasional comment from an outside reader. So the question is, how much of an impact is your blog making to your target audience?

Here is a suggestion! Try a plugin; a set of software components that add specific capabilities to a larger software application. If you already use a plugin leave us a comment, we would love to know what works for you. And if you do not use one try to picture what plugins could work for your company as you continue reading this post.

Facebook comments for WordPress: This plugin allows readers to comment on your blog using their Facebook profiles rather than entering a separate email to comment. This makes it more likely that a comment will be posted because it is convenient for readers.

Livefyre Realtime Comments: This plugin centralizes conversations around the web that are talking about the topics you are writing about on your blog. It then brings the conversations to your blog and encourages readers to engage.

One Click Close Comments: If your comment box feels swamped with spammers than this may be the plugin for you. You (or the person who blogs for your company) can open or close any comments in any blog post through the administrative panel. It will let you control comments and eliminate spammers from showing up.

MSMC-Redirect after Comment: If a reader takes a longer time to write a comment the plugin will recognize that he/she are most likely very interested in what you are selling. After a comment is made the plugin will redirect the reader to related post (predefined) by your company.

Subscribe to comments reloaded: This plugin gives readers who comment the option to sign up for email notifications to notify he/she that a new blog post has been posted.

SEO Super Comments: If you are looking a way to optimize your content and have the search engines crawling then pumping up you comments with this plugin will benefit your company.

If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website through blogs Stellar Blue can help you enter the blogging world. It may be scary and confusing at first, but Stellar Blue will be there to help you every step of the way, give us a call!

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