Let the 2012 London Socialympics Games Commence

Let the 2012 London Summer Olympics commence… in 31 days! From July 27 to August 12, 900 million viewers will be watching the most elite athletes in the world compete for gold. While the games will be celebrating 30-years, the Socialympics will be making an Olympic stage debut!

The 2012 Olympics are being dubbed the Socialympics because it will be the first Olympics that social media will be in full force. Back in 2008, Facebook had 100 million users while Twitter had around 6 million. Four years later the veteran social media platforms will be making back-to-back appearances, but this time Facebook will have about 900 million users and Twitter with 140 million. As the user number has increased over the past four years so will the amount of engagement.

Everyone will be consuming the games in different ways; some will enjoy the view from live stream on the Internet, others from the television, some from Twitter and Facebook and a few fans will have the opportunity to watch right on the sidelines in London.

Twitter for the Gold: 

Whether you are online or at the Olympic stadium you will have the flexibility to tweet and post status updates in real time. Canada has taken Twitter a step farther by printing track and field athletes Twitter handles on their race bibs for fans to tweet supportive message as the athletes race. Twitter has been popularly known for providing live second to second updates and is projected to be the favorite social media platform fans will use. Who will you be following and tweeting during the games? 

Facebook for the Silver:

Facebook created an Olympic page named Discover London 2012 (the page no longer exists). The page is offered in 22 languages and is meant to be a portal for all the athletes to interact with fans during the games. It is said that some athletes will spend more time tweeting and being on Facebook than actually competing.

The Olympic Hub for the Bronze:

Yes, the 2012 Socialympics are about to get even cooler.

The public will be allowed to ask questions through social media accounts while athletes are in the Olympic Village. It is called the Athletes’ Hub, it will gather questions and encouragement from Facebook and Twitter and athletes will be able to reply back to the fans. This will add a new dimension to post athletic event interviews and fan mail.

Let the 2012 Olympic games begin!

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