Responsive Design 411

We want to break Responsive Web Design down to you in a “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How” manner.

Who?: Responsive Web Design. AKA: Responsive Design, RWD, RD.

-Andy Clarke, RD Specialist

-Andy Clarke, RD Specialist

What?: RD is a technology that allows one single URL to accommodate all web viewing platforms. It is not just smartphone design; it is device-independent design for the web. It breaks constraints of screen sizes and builds websites that flexibly adapt to any medium.

When?:  In May 2010 Ethan Marcotte, a great web design and developer wrote an article on “A List Apart” about Responsive Design and coined the name. For the past 2 years this technology caught fire and .net Magazine chose Responsive Design as #2 on its list of Top Web Design Trends for 2012.

Where?: Responsive Design is a trend worldwide.

Why?: The best reasons:

  1. RD automatically adapts the website to whatever mobile device it is being viewed on, allowing easy and hassle free viewing and an overall better user experience.
  2. RD eliminates the need for different development for each new type of gadget on the current and future market.
  3. One URL means one focus for you to analyze, search engine optimize, and market. No need to compare your mobile site analytics and desktop site analytics and ensure both device dependent sites are high in search rankings.
  4. Google recommends it! Google’s search engine software is able to effortlessly crawl RD websites without different user-agents (i.e. a mobile user-agent).

How?: The quick basics behind the design:

  • The site is broken into fluid-based grids and needs images and media that are “flexible.” The fluid based grid system and images enables the site to alter sizes automatically and instantly.
  • Media queries in the site work as a messenger and “tell” the website what screen size, orientation, and colors to conform to based on device properties.

The Stellar Blue tech team is anxiously ready to create your website in RD. Give us a call today to discuss! 

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