Public transportation going mobile

We are addicted to our phone and all of the capabilities it can do. Have you ever forgotten your phone on the kitchen counter and not realized it until you are 15 minutes away from work and there is no way you are turning back because of morning traffic? Do you feel “naked” all day because you do not have your trusty phone that gives you directions to anywhere you need to go, gives you restaurant recommendations based on your location and allows you to get your daily news fix? Phones are a crucial part to our every day actions.

That is why here at Stellar Blue we cannot stress the importance of mobile apps! Do not let your business be left in the dust because you have not acclimated to the changing technology. From small businesses to big businesses we have created mobile websites and mobile apps for all.

Mobile apps are great for many things, from entertainment to social networks we use our phones for just about everything. Now mobile apps are becoming a necessarily part of public transportation.

Los Angles has launched an app called Go Metro that serves as a map and GPS so a visitor or a local will be able to find the closest public transit station.

Portland Oregon offers a TransitTimes that gives users the city’s rail, bus and train schedules on their mobile device. The app also shows bus stop routes and can track your location with a built in GPS.

In Denver, Colorado the mobile app called Parkmobile will tell you when your parking meter will expire and handles parking payments. You can also use the app to pay for parking your car at the nearest station.

Public transportation apps will make it easier and less stressful to travel around these congested cities. What is next for public transportation apps? Will mobile devices be used as ticket and payment devices? What are your thoughts about mobile apps? We would love to hear what you think!

If you are interested in creating a mobile app for your business contact Stellar Blue today!

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