Facebook Timeline Making Changes Again

Facebook Timeline is making changes again, for the better. Profiles went under a drastic facelift from the original profile to the timeline profile that many had rebelled against. The new changes are not as dramatic but are worth acknowledging the difference it will make for companies on Facebook.

Many companies were slow to update to the new timeline, but with Facebook’s new changes companies will be quick to take advantage of the customization and statistic features.

Here are some of the changes that we thought were worth mentioning!

1. Pages will have the option to take your company activities and events and create a video of your timeline activities. This feature was previously only available for Timeline personal profiles.

2. Have you every wondered how much of an impact that your post are making? Now you can see the percentage of how many of your fans saw each particular post.

3. If you are looking for a way to post, respond and check statistics on your mobile device then Page Manager is for you. Notifications will go straight to your phone to make it easy to update and share information. Available at the iTunes store, this app will make it easier to maintain your company Facebook page.

4. If you have a company that does international business this Facebook update is targeted towards you. In the past companies would have to choose how to divide the Facebook page when marketing global. The language choices for company pages were to post globally in English, post globally in English and the local language or create individual local language pages. As you can see maintaining multiple pages leads to more time and workforce to create and update the pages. With the new changes it will be easier to bring up regions and content into the same page and manage your multiple language company pages.

If you are looking to start a social media presence or need some advice on how to handle your social media we can help you. We like to call ourselves social media geeks, don’t hesitate and contact the Stellar Blue crew today!

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