Twitter Updates, Users Follow

Updates are a good thing. It lets users know that the service is improving and growing. Does your organization have a presence on Twitter? If the answer is no, let the Stellar Blue crew help you with making an online social media presence.

Twitter is taking social media to a more personalized level by creating updates that will help users find topics and news that are interesting to him/her. Here are a handful of the updates that will change your Twitter using experience. Make sure you are aware of the newest updates so you can take full advantage of all the exciting services that Twitter has to offer.

  • The Discover tab, a section on your account that will surface content that is more personalized and appealing to you. This tab will make it easier for you to join conversations and read news that you are interested in. There is also a “Tweet this story” option that will give you the ability to share your own perspective on the story.
  • Twitter updated its mobile app; make sure you download the newest version.
  • Twitter now provides even more languages to tweet in. With a friend in Hungarian you might want to direct message him/her in Magyar!
  • Coming soon…Users will be getting the best of Twitter in their email inboxes. You will receive a weekly email summary that will deliver breaking news and interesting items that you may have missed from the people you connect with on Twitter.

If you are interested in creating a Twitter presence or need advice to beef up the content for your organization and do not know where to start, Stellar Blue can help you. It is our job and passion to create and teach social media to our clients because we know the impact that it can make on an organization. Do not wait any longer; contact Stellar Blue today for your tweeting needs!

What are your thoughts about the new Twitter updates? We would love to hear your thoughts, post a comment!

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