Our Favorite Summer Gadgets: Cinemin Projector and Pebble Watch!

We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! This past weekend officially kicked off the summer and we are excited to start playing with all the tech gadgets of the season! No, we’re not just talking about personal handheld fans to keep you cool; Stellar Blue wants to share some of the hottest tech toys on the market and in development. Mashable’s tech experts researched unique gadgets and put together a Summer Gadget Series showcasing “portable, sleek and season-friendly gadgets.” Here are two of our favorites:

WowWee Cinemin Slice Pico Projector– The Cinemin Slice changes up your movie watching experience, by enabling you to project films anywhere you have a blank wall. This means you can turn the back of your house into an outdoor movie theater, perfect for summer.  With this gadget you not only can project movies, but also TV or video games.

Projector- Mashable

The projector hooks up to your smartphone, computer or tablet with no additional software required. The device comes with a remote control and plays audio through its built in speakers, but you can use the headphone jack to listen privately.  Price= $430


Pebble Watch– This is the first smart watch to seamlessly work with iPhone and Android systems that allows you to access your smartphone from your wrist at any time. It is still in production, but looks promising! “Pulling your phone out of your pocket to see who’s calling or to read text messages is so 2011.”

Watch- Mashable

Pebble smart watch lets you check your messages, see who is calling, listen to music, and has an e-ink display like the Kindle or Nook so you can easily see the screen in the sunlight. When you are going for a summer bike ride or run, this gadget eliminates holding on to the cumbersome smartphone and keeps you connected! (It also has active lifestyle utilities, such as the ability to keep track of distance when moving and GPS.)

Summer is a time to test out fun gadgets and try out new techy trends. Talk to the Stellar Blue crew if you want to learn more about what we can do to grow your business digitally. We love mobile apps and fresh web design–call us today!

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