Smartphone Searching Projected to Rise

Welcome to our technology savvy society. It is a place where books are read on tablets, directions no longer come from paper maps, notes are taken on laptops and looking for a place to eat comes from smartphones rather than highway food signs.

Consumers use smartphones for Internet browsing, connecting with friends on social networks and watching videos. 39 percent of smartphone users are on their phones while going to the bathroom, 33 percent use their phone while watching televisions and 22 percent are on their phones while reading the newspaper. While the statistics are shocking there is something to be taken away from this, consumers are always on their phones!

So how do you set apart your website through the congestion of sites that consumers are searching through daily? How do you separate your company from the online clutter to be recognized as unique?

With recent spikes in smartphone usage it is important for businesses to grow with technology. By the year 2016 mobile searching will exceed desktop searching my 27 billion annual queries. As the amount of searching on mobile devices rises so will advertising opportunities. Advertising is projected to increase from $400 million in 2012 to $3.2 billion in 2016.

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