Mobile App on the Rise?: GifBoom

We all love the Android and iPhone Instagram app allowing us to add color filters and boarders to photos we capture and upload. No doubt that picture sharing is what’s “now” on the web, but is video going to overtake still images soon? Only time can tell if Instagram will be stepping aside for, the now free, GifBoom mobile app.

With its release date in late August of 2011 and a recent upgrade the past March, GifBoom mobile application allows user to make animated scenes by combining images from your camera or gallery in less than a minute.  Users can crop, change speed, or add fun effects to each animation then share it on the application or other social networks, such as Twitter.

So what’s behind the name? When users are making these “animated scenes” they are actually making a .gif image, or groups of still photos moving to create a “video.” The concept is simular to a tangible flip book we used to draw and assemble in middle school. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and can be used for a range of digital creativity, including low-resolution film clips. In general, GIFs work as silent video clips. The files are small and easy to edit. GIFs, emerging in the 1990s, are a popular part of Internet culture and now used prominently on forums, blogs, and Tumblrs.

“GifBoom brings the [animated] tradition to smartphones, with an added touch of social media,” stated USA Today.

GifBoom Android Growth (Google Play)

We sum up this mobile app as “Instagram in motion,” minus the incredible fast pace growth. Unfortunately GifBoom has not caught on in the mobile world as quickly as Instagram, however in the past 30 days there has been 100,000 – 500,000 Android downloads, according to Google Play, which is not a modest number. GifBoom was first available as a paid app, but now that it is free users are more willing to download it and maybe start a new craze (bigger than Instagram?!)

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