A New Type of Social Networking–And it’s All Business.

Email changed how workers communicate in an organization years ago, and now social networks are moving in. But not the typical consumer social networks we are all familiar with! Business enterprise software, such as CRMs and HR management, and modern social media combined to produce Enterprise Social Networking. With the potential to make office communications fluid and render efficient collaboration by streamlining processes, enterprise social networking is starting to become popular in the workforce. It serves as an in-house social networking experience for companies.

There are 845 million users connecting with their friends on Facebook, 150 million Linkedin members networking with industry colleagues, and now recently people are using in-house social networks to collaborate with co-workers. More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Yammer.com, a private social network for companies launched in 08’. Yammer is “a new way of working that naturally drives business alignment and agility, reduces cycle times, engages employees and improves relationships with customers and partners.” (yammer.com)

Altimeter Research released a report stating more companies are starting to use enterprise social networking sites, like Yammer, but still many don’t realize the potential to strengthen existing workplace relationships and create new ones.

Corporations are slowly figuring out the value of in-house social networking.

“Many business leaders are at a loss to understand what value can be created from Facebook-like status updates within the enterprise,” Charline Li, founder of research firm Altimeter Group. “Some organizations have deployed social-networking features with an initial enthusiastic reception, only to see these early efforts wither to just a few stalwart participants.”

Social networks do not have a large learning curve because the majority of people already use Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. However, there just hasn’t been a dominant enterprise social network platform causing all workers and companies to automatically jump on board—unlike consumer social media networking (Facecbook.) This leaves a GIANT opportunity for an enterprise social networking company.

As CNN Money quotes, “What Facebook did for friendships and LinkedIn did for industry connections, enterprise social networks can do for a company’s workforce. It’s a big market waiting for someone to conquer it.”

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