Blogging…Good for your Company

Blogs are the newest company rage. Has your company joined the blogging bandwagon? If not, here are some convincing reasons for your company to have a blog. Blogs are a great way to share company expertise, drive traffic to the website and connect with potential customers.

Six reasons why your company should have a blog


  1. Allow you to freshen up your site with updated content
  2. Are an inexpensive way to build up your Internet presence
  3. Drive traffic to your site
  4. Allow companies to connect with potential customers
  5. Provide readers with interesting content that builds trust. Customer’s trust for your company will become a lead and the lead will become sale.
  6. Produce authentic information, customers love to learn new and helpful information

Do you have a blog that is not embedded into your website? The difference with having a blog embedded on your website rather than having followers follow a link to another site is that your visitors are leaving your site and giving traffic to the blog site. We at Stellar Blue do not think that is fair! Why should a host site be getting your visitors? Let us help your company set up a blog on your website that will serve all your needs.

The more practice you have, the better your skills, timing and overall play will improve, which in the end will lead to wins or in company terms sales! Blogging helps a company build an online community by allowing costumers to comment and interact on blog posts. If you want to know more about what subjects to write about, how often to blog or who should be your writing your post, check out Stellar’s blog post Helpful Blog Q & A for all your blogging needs!

If you are interested in creating a company blog or if you are in the avenue for a website revamp or any mobile application services Stellar Blue is here to serve you. Contact us today!

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