Three Truths of Mobile Shopping

As you stroll through the store you find a movie that you have wanted to buy for some time. Without thinking about it you pull out your mobile phone, scan the barcode and within seconds the Amazon price check application shows you where to find the cheapest price of the movie. You see Amazon is selling it for $6.99 and with the swipe of your finger you select to purchase. Shopping on your mobile device is quickly becoming more convenient than waiting in line at the store.

If you are a B2C company and are playing with the idea of creating a mobile application now is the time! Keep reading to learn three reasons why it is important to join the smartphone movement and how Stellar Blue will work with you to create a mobile application that is right for your business and your customer!

Cell phones are not only for calling anymore. Customers are constantly integrating smartphones not only to shop but also to take care of their banking needs, check email, get directions, play games and the list goes on and on. With the upgrade in phones customers expect their phone to perform complicated tasks wherever they go going whenever they want.

1. Mobile Devices Often Trump Computers

The accessibility of smartphones is the reason for the recent popularity in mobile shopping. Whether you are at the store or at work making that impulse purchase is easier. Another reason may be because employees prefer to do personal browsing and web shopping on a mobile device rather than a computer is because often the computer they work on is attached to a corporate network said Jinal Shah, digital strategist at JWT.

2. The Mobile Experience is Good

Majority of smartphone users say their device experience is either “excellent” or “very good” because it is more convenient to pull out your phone on the subway to purchase Lady Gaga tickets then waiting at line at the box office.

3. But it Still Needs Some Work

We are aware of the convenience that comes with smartphones, but there is room for improvement. When users use mobile devices for shopping they are finding it difficult to navigate and there is a lack of product information in shopping apps. Shah said the biggest consumer obstacles is mobile web security, these uneasy feelings must but be addressed before mobile shopping reaches its fullest potential.

Stellar blue will work with you to make a mobile application that works with your company’s needs. As consumers become more reliant on mobile devices it is becoming necessary for the company to fulfill wants and needs. Let Stellar Blue help you with creating an application that easy and accessible to use.

To learn more about mobile shopping or what is next for the mobile market contact Stellar Blue’s crew today!

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