Know Your Facebook Tools

Facebook has made some changes. Have you noticed?

The new timeline format is visually stunning but with such a drastic change comes with a slew of learning curves.

The new format, which was enabled for all Facebook Pages March 30th, has a new set of analytical tools that can improve your page analysis and how you monitor your brand with social media. One of the new additions is the ability that allows anyone to send a message to a brand directly. This is a great way to allow consumers to message a brand without having to broadcast it on the wall. This provides a more personal connection with a brand.

But the best change? Stellar thinks the best change is the new Facebook admin panel – it’s like your own social media command center. Check out Buechel Stone’s Facebook command center:
This area is located at the top of a page. Only admins have the privilege of seeing this data for a page. It provides an overview of all your page’s activity. If you have lots of activity in any given area, you can hover your mouse over that section and scroll!

If you are an admin but do not see this admin panel, make sure to open it up! In the top right corner of your page, click on ‘Admin Panel’ button.

With the admin panel expanded, you can also set up Facebook Advertising through the “Build Audience” as well as email your contacts about your page. In the admin panel you can access “Help” resources such as a tour of the new layout. And the most important, under “Manage” you can access the edit page options to the behind the scenes of your Facebook page and its permissions.

Stellar Blue encourages you to explore your new page and its new tools. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to explore options to further enhance your social media marketing!

*Thanks to our client Buechel Stone for allowing us to use their page as an example. Click here to check out how they use Facebook!

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