‘Stuff’ You Can Do for Your Site

Just because you built it; doesn’t mean they will come. Stellar Blue does provide many great services to help your website get found; however, we are asked quite often by clients what are some things they can do to help.

The following tips are for optimizing your online presence and creating that relationship with the major search engines. Ultimately, we need tell them what you are about and to become an authority online.

1.) Building online Links
The internet is one big popularity contest. Everyone is striving to be #1 on search results. Well how do we conquer that? You need to build your popularity and you accomplish that through links. The more links pointing to your website increases your popularity. Google gives a grade to every website; it’s called PageRank. PageRank is on a scale from 0-10. ‘10’ symbolizes that your website is fully optimized and is the highest in popularity. ‘0’ means… there is definitely room for improvement. You boost your PageRank by boosting the number of links pointing to your website. Great ways to building links:
• Create high-quality, educational or entertaining content. If people like your content, they will naturally want to link to it.
• Submit your website to online directories such as www.dmoz.org
• Make sure your website information is up to date on Chamber sites, associations, social media sites, etc.

2.) Keyword Association
Your website is providing a message to search engines in regards to your services, products and where you provide them. These keywords are being associated with your company name and image. Therefore, integrate the same keywords into any online source that uses your company name or logo such as social media sites, blog posts, e-newsletters, online press releases, etc. Search engines index all those materials. So make sure you are properly displaying yourself on each channel.

3.) Critically review your own site
It depends on the industry, but most websites have a 40-60% bounce rate on average. This means a large majority of web traffic entering your website leaves without navigating to any other pages. Your website represents who you are and what you offer. You don’t need a high-end consultant to know that when people see it for the first time they’re thinking:
• Is this site credible?
• Is it trustworthy?
• Is this a professional company?
• Is this company stable?
• Does this site make me feel welcome?
• Am I in the right place?
You need to ask yourself all of these questions when evaluating your website. Now, design may not be the most important factor in a website overall and often times folks put too much emphasis on how a site looks instead of it works, but it does play an important role in making a good first impression. Bottom line, first impressions count.

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