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Find yourself in a struggle while brainstorming how to spice up your mobile marketing strategy?  We want to give you inspiration from a few ingenious mobile marketing ideas created by an organization that understands its audience.

A cross between politics and pop culture, Rock the Vote organization has registered more than five million 18-24 year old voters around the nation and pioneers creative mobile marketing ideas fit for its demographic.

The 18-24 year old age group has a high smartphone ownership and on average individually sends 1,640 text messages per month. This explains why the organization has made SMS [texting] a priority to connect with its audience.  Rock the Vote’s “Get out the Vote” SMS campaign included a text message sent the day before an election, which increased election turn out by three to four percentage points.

But with the mobile web growing 8x the speed of the Internet, consumers everywhere are craving mobile. Break cookie-cutter mobile marketing ideas by learning from Rock the Vote’s techniques.

At a recent concert, Rock the Vote volunteers wore t-shirts with a QR code on the back that users could scan with their smartphone and register to vote and enter their email. This year the organization plans to use more mobile bar codes at live events allowing users to do things such as buy merchandise, interact with social media and watch videos. Additionally, all of the nonprofit’s retail products come with mobile bar codes placed on tags that users can scan to learn more about the products.

Rock the Vote uses mobile polls to find out what issues teens are interested in. For example, by using mobile polls in the organization’s high school civics program Democracy Class, the nonprofit learned that 32% of voters were most interested in the cost of college. Rock the Vote also used a web poll to let users cast their vote for political candidates via texting. After voting, consumers can join Rock the Vote’s text program. During a recent poll, Rock the Vote saw 8,000 users text in their votes for their pick on a Republican presidential nomination.

Rock the Vote has also bolstered its texting strategies by combining it with social media and email efforts as a way to get users engaged. Rock the Vote promotes its SMS program on its Facebook page to help spread the word. The organization has also used mobile as a way for users to enter social media sweepstakes.

Rock the Vote’s Chase app lets volunteers contact users to see if they plan to vote, similar to a paper call list. Additionally, the Rock the Vote 2012 app will educate users on how to vote while also interacting with content from the nonprofit. A customized app can be tailored for any business!

Rock the Vote continues to strengthen its social media and integrate mobile usage into its strategy. Additionally, the organization is beginning to “equip tablets to on-the-street volunteers to let users sign up to vote on the spot.”

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