Timeline for Business is Here!

Facebook is changing, are you ready? As of March 30th, all business pages will change to the Timeline layout. This is the most visual update to happen to Facebook profiles and pages and it is already available for businesses to update.

*Video of a personal profile example.

Think of timeline as a scrapbook. For over five years, Facebook focused on growing users while storing all the data we posted on walls, photo albums, events, etc. So now with over 850 million users, Facebook turned to the stored data and decided to do something with it. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the thought behind this is to easily access memories and look back on certain events – like a scrapbook.

So now all posts you have ever made are placed in chronological order for viewers to go back in time easily to view past content.

For a business, Stellar Blue wants to provide the first five steps you should take to update your business today with the new Facebook Timeline:

  1. Log into Facebook and go to your business page. There should be an announcement at the top of your page mentioning timeline (if you don’t have it yet and if it’s before March 30th). It gives you the option to update now; so update now! And take Facebook’s mini tour.
  2. Update your profile image. Your profile image before was the long image in the top left corner of your page. Previous, this image had dimensions closer to 600 pixels high by 200 pixels wide. Now your profile image is just 150 pixels by 150 pixels. Use this space for your logo since it will be next to all your business activity on Facebook.
  3. Update your cover image. This is the large banner image along the top of your page. Facebook prohibits this space for use of promotions or coupons. So use this space to really showcase your business, services, staff, etc. This image is large so make sure you have an appropriately sized image prior to updating (851 pixels by 315 pixels). Keep in mind Stellar can help you design something amazing!
  4. Explore our new admin panel. When you are an admin of a page, you have the option of viewing an admin panel above the actual page’s content. This area can be shrunk down by selecting the ‘hide’ button in the top right corner or expanded by selecting ‘admin panel’. This area opens you up to your page’s stats and activity. It’s also he portal to edit your page details. This is a feature only available to Facebook pages – not personal Facebook profiles.
  5. Contact Stellar Blue for a free Facebook eBook that provides a glossary of terms, business goals for your Facebook page, tips and tricks and more!

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