Don’t Forget to Update: Browsers

Your browser is the tool you use to surf and access the world wide web: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome, and so on. Commonly, when Stellar is asked why things are appearing a certain way on a website or database, we first ask which browser and which version they are using. Your browser version plays a huge role in your online security, usability, and browsing speed. It’s so important to keep your computer, software and browser updated.

For majority of users, here are some reasons to upgrade to the latest browser version taken from

Security: Typically, the newer version of the browser will have patches for security holes.
Faster rendering engines: Though downloading speed is dependent on the internet connection, the latest browser version will render web sites faster than its predecessor. The same can also be said for the JavaScript engine.
Better compliance to web standards

Better usability: For instance, all the latest versions of popular browsers now sport tabbed browsing.
New nifty features: Such as those that give more control to the user on how to manage their private data, cache and cookies.
Easier to use interface: Not always true, however. But this is what the browsers are trying to achieve.

*Before any updates, we suggest that you read-up on the new version. This might provide some tips to help the transition and to make sure your computer can support the upgrade without slowing it down.

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