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Having an e-commerce site, such as a Stellar Shopping Cart, is a great way to rack in the business from anywhere, at any time. Whether you have a brick and mortar destination or an office basement, an e-commerce store opens the doors to so much potential.

When you have a local retail business, you can capitalize on local advertising and local search. But with an e-commerce store, you expect and want business from California, Kalamazoo, Canada and beyond. But how do you tackle your website’s presence across the web so the Canada Google user finds your website? Stellar Blue offers 5 quick tips to help you tackle your e-commerce site’s search engine optimization (SEO) so you can have better results with all major search engines. This will help you get more visitors, which ultimately means more customers:

  1. Product content – You can have five products for sale or 5,000. But treat each product as it’s own designated page. Provide detailed descriptions and variations of the product. Describe the ideal user and function of the product for each. Let’s say you are selling high-grade spatulas (very exciting):

    The titanium handle of the spatula offers long-term flipping for all your culinary needs. The spatula’s flexible blade, made of polyglass, is great for spreading and lifting materials while cooking for family and friends. The polyglass is a composite plastic that allows the spatula to be heat resistant up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. The above is a much more effective description than just “Titanium spatula made of polyglass.”

    It also provides Google with more authoritative content to associate with your website.

  2. Create categories with search terms – First off, create categories to help direct users to your products. Second, make each category topic search worthy. Search worthy terms, also known as keyword phrases, are 2 to 4 words long. So instead of “Cookware” call it “Quality Home Cookware”.
  3. Interlink pages – Having internal links not only help website users navigate through your web pages, but it also helps search engines. Keep the links relevant but if you are on the high-grade spatula page and you happen to mention the matching high-grade mixing bowl, hyperlink the text to that particular page.
  4. Allow people to share your products on social media sites – offers free code that you can place on individual web pages to share the content. And there are plenty of other ways to get those “share widgets” so people can post your products within their networking forums. Did you know that 34% of online shoppers are likely to share their purchase information on a social media site?
  5. Include and update a sitemap monthly – Having an ecommerce means you have the ability to update your products whenever you need. Consider creating a sitemap to help Google and all search engines have a checklist of all your content on your website. This will clearly help them find and define your web pages and content. Ideally you want to submit a special XML sitemap each month (Stellar has a special service or this!) to keep the links updated and relevant.

The freedom of selling your products while you are sleeping, during vacation, or out for lunch is a great way to generate continuous revenue. Contact Stellar Blue at [email protected] to boost your online sales! Or check out the freedoms of the Stellar Shopping Cart!

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